Morning, Good Morning

Continuing my pattern of early morning wake-up songs, here’s one from Leonard Bernstein:

You’ll need Spotify to hear this, but it’s definitely worth getting.  It’s a free program that lets you stream full CDs of all kinds, including an amazing selection of classical & opera, so check it out if you like free music : )

I actually saw A Quiet Place at New York City Opera a few seasons ago (a rare revival since its ’83 premiere), and it did suffer from a melodramatic, “very special episode” style in places.  Bit awkward, but I guess they were a bit risqué thematically, so that could do it.  I did like the way this aria opened the third act, though.

EDIT: Ok, for anyone who can’t hear the above track through Spotify, here’s the opening of Trouble in Tahiti, Bernstein’s 1952 one-act opera that was ultimately folded in to A Quiet Place.  They do say “morning” a few times in the jazzy opening number, so I guess that counts?


This is from a 2001 BBC film version available for purchase as a DVD on Opus Arte (ProTip though: the whole thing’s actually available as a playlist on YouTube.)


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