Opera Sets Going Cheap…

Samuel Barber’s Vanessa at New York City Opera

Earlier today I mentioned a rare opera I’d seen at New York City Opera a couple of seasons ago.  NYCO always had the reputation as the edgier NYC opera company, so when I moved to New York I was very intrigued.  Unfortunately, I arrived just as NYCO’s current woes were beginning.  NYCO  now offers just 4 operas a season and has no permanent home.  I think this can be an interesting model (as in Long Beach Opera out West), but now NYCO has announced they’ll be selling or just plain junking the sets and costumes they have in storage.

Benjamin Britten’s Paul Bunyan at New York City Opera

I get that this kind of storage must be a pain, but it still seems like a real shame especially given the wide range of operas and musicals represented and the artistic standard NYCO is known for.

We can take some solace in the fact that we can still see pictures of  NYCO’s repertoire of operas through their Production Rental page.  It’s really quite fun, but who knows how long that’ll last, so check it out quick.


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