Explorers-in-General Day

Copyright Kate Beaton

It’s not just opera composers that like commemorating important historical anniversaries!  Kate Beaton‘s made quite a name for herself with her sassy history comics (I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that) and this was always one of my favorites, with it’s sly nod to another Canadian webcomics giant…  Her Discovery of Canada may be a more fitting complement for Columbus Day, so check it all out why don’t you!


5 thoughts on “Explorers-in-General Day

    • Oh crap. Delete that comment. Didn’t notice that your post basically said what I said. When I read “Canadian giant” I assumed you mean Brian Mulroney or something.

      • haha, its ok, i think i first read this beaton early on in my webcomics-reading days, so it took a while for me to notice the dinosaur comics allusion… but i love it! i don’t know why she did it or why she did it for this comic, but somehow it’s just crazy enough to work…

  1. Awesome site Sebastian! Kate Beaton is soo cool. One time I saw her at Housing Works and got her book autographed.

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