Getcha Jephtha Here!


Jephtha on BBC Radio 3

From the wonderful people at BBC Radio 3, we now have a week to enjoy Händel’s 1752 oratorio Jephtha, performed at Welsh National Opera.  Apparently, Händel was losing his eyesight as he wrote it, so Jephtha would be his final oratorio.

WNO Guides: Jephtha from TallWall Media on Vimeo

It’s one of those frustrating child sacrifice stories from the Bible, where Jephtha, a general, vows to sacrifice the first person he sees on his return home to thank the big G for his military success AND WHADDYAKNOW it’s his daughter.  I mean, what do you expect with a vow like that?

(Also, you know you’re in Wales when your soprano’s name is Fflur Wyn.  Love it.)


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