New Faith Erin Hicks webcomic

So Faith Erin Hicks has an interesting deal going on with First Second books.  Starting with her last graphic novel Friends with Boys, Hicks has been putting her books up in full online, a page per weekday, and at the end they’re published by First Second!  So now Friends with Boys is available in a nice ol’ book format, but only the first 20 pages are still available online…

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong page 34

Copyright Faith Erin Hicks

This seems to have been a successful model, cuz they’re at it again!  Hicks is adapting Prudence Shen‘s YA novel Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong as a comic, and we can read it for free online leading up to its physical publication!  I missed my chance with Friends with Boys, so I’ll be keeping tabs this time…


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