Haunted Opera House

A bit soon for Halloween maybe, but that just means more time to enjoy!

This is a 1980s film version of Benjamin Britten‘s ghost story chamber opera The Turn of the Screw; that’s right, a ghost story opera!  Based on Henry James‘ novella, it centers around a governess sent to an isolated manor to take care of two classically creepy children and, of course, creepy things happen…  Dun dun duuuuun!!!

Turn of the Screw movie

Click through the image for the full playlist.  (You can skip to about 7 minutes in on the first video though, cuz the opening is just a big child-molestation allegory…  You know how it is…)

Also, Written on Skin, the new opera sensation of the coming season, which I highlighted in an earlier post, is down to its last week for free viewing on Arte Live.  It’s an equally creepy though more gruesome opera, so a perfect operatic double feature for the Halloween season!


4 thoughts on “Haunted Opera House

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