The God of Art Demands a Sacrifice…

If you do not fundamentally change your life to create space to create, you will never do it. I mean, having the fantasy of wanting to be a creative can be a wonderful succor, but that’s a world away from throwing big chunks of your social life on a pyre in worship of this strange and demanding god.

Welp.  Kieron Gillen gets interviewed about his run on Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men (I’ve loved what I’ve read) and throws in some tidbits about writing, breaking into the biz, and even fan-fiction among the usual questions about story elements and characters (which I enjoyed as well).

Making time for art has been tough now that I’m a student again, but it was pretty “tough” even before that; I’m pretty lousy at time management.  Maybe Gillen‘s harsh-but-true words will be the wake-up call I need… maybe… after this next paper…

Expect another post about Gillen in the near future, I’m a convert…


One thought on “The God of Art Demands a Sacrifice…

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