Untitled Sin Titulo post

Speaking of webcomics turning into books…  Cameron Stewart‘s Eisner and Shuster award-winning webcomic Sin Titulo will be released in published-book format by Dark Horse in 2013.

That should be good motivation to hurry on up and read it, before you have to pay to do so!  Here’s a great write-up from Comics Alliance‘s Lauren Davis.

This phenomenon of webcomics getting published and even books slated for publishing being released online first (a la Faith Erin Hicks and First Second) is really interesting stuff…  A physical copy in bookstores and libraries reaches a different audience, so publishers see a place in the traditional market for something that’s been online for free.  Heck,  First Second even sees a benefit to making a print book available for free before publication!  Is this model unique to webcomics?  The closest I can think of is Radiohead‘s online, pay-what-you-wish release of In Rainbows before its physical release…

So many interesting factors at play here…


3 thoughts on “Untitled Sin Titulo post

  1. there are pay what you wish schemes for lots of online media, e.g. software, games, music. it is interesting that it works and you don’t just get free riding. sometimes even for greater profits.

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