Young Avengers! Gillen/McKelvie! January 2013!

Here’s my promised follow-up Kieron Gillen post…  I’m pretty late jumping on this bandwagon, but I’m still really excited about it!

Image by Jamie McKelvie, Copyright Marvel Comics

Wow, just look at that cover!  Doesn’t it make you all giddy?  Marvel is just starting a sort of relaunch and the one title I’m genuinely excited about is Gillen‘s reimagining of Young Avengers along with Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton.  With any other creative team I’d be most excited about the gay couple on the team, but that’s just icing on the cake at this point…

Teen heroes are my favorite kind of heroes so I love hearing Gillen talk about his take on the genre, and there have been two wonderful interviews already:

Comic Book Resources’ interview with Gillen and McKelvie

Comics Alliance’s interview with Gillen

Like I said earlier, I’ve really enjoyed Gillen’s dark, cerebral take on Uncanny X-Men, so I’m excited to see what he’ll bring to the teen hero genre.  Should be especially refreshing compared to the other teen hero title coming out of the Marvel relaunch…  Ugh…

EDIT:  Here’s a video interview with Gillen from Newsarama.  A bit outdated, from before the final issues of Uncanny X-Men and Journey into Mystery, and Young Avengers isn’t the main focus, but still interesting.  Though I do have a hard time with his accent…

Newsarama’s interview with Gillen


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