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Carmina Burana at New York City Opera

Carmina Burana at New York City Opera

If you’ve visited the Free Opera page at left, you may already know about the Free Music Archive, a huge repository of free, legal, music downloads put up by the creators themselves under Creative Commons licenses.  Their classical music offerings aren’t the most robust, and include lots of hard-to-classify newer music, but I recently discovered a full version of Carl Orff‘s perennial classic cantata, Carmina Burana, sung by the MIT Concert Choir.  Maybe not the best recording you could find, but a great resource regardless…

Carmina Burana by MIT Concert Choir on Free Music Archive

Carmina Burana is sort of on the boundaries of opera, but I know of at least two opera companies that have put it on, so that’s enough for me…  As for the MIT Concert Choir, they have plenty of other recordings available for free download (including full oratorios, requiems, and masses) on their website, so check them out!


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