Lucy Knisley’s 12 Hour Comics

I don’t know of any good online gathering places for 24 Hour Comics Day comics, so they can be surprisingly hard to track down even now, one week after the fact.  There is a group pool on Flickr, and it can be fun seeing pictures of events from all over the world, but it’s still not a great one-stop shop…  Luckily though, I just noticed that Lucy Knisley did a 12 Hour Comics Day about the single life in New York (not as glamorous as it sounds), so there’s one good one at least!

Copyright Lucy Knisley

Speaking of Lucy Knisley, did I tell you about the time I commented on her LiveJournal?  And she commented back?!?  And then I saw her in person at the Brooklyn Museum?!?!?  *SQUEEE*

My LiveJournal Conversation with Lucy Knisley

Also, we were at the same Sex in Comics panel!  O.  M.  G.


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