Minus is a Plus

Webcomics can be hard to get into when there are years’ worth of archives to catch up on, so it’s nice to find some with more manageable, finite stories.  minus, the Eisner-nominated webcomic by Ryan Armand, ran for two years, but this sequence of mostly stand-alone Sunday-style strips flies by fast.

minus #29

Copyright Ryan Armand

It’s about an imaginative, omnipotent little girl; if that sounds cute/scary, it is, especially as her actions start impacting the lives of more and more people…  It’s a really charming, creative comic, vaguely Calvin and Hobbes-ish, though Armand cites Winsor McKay‘s Little Nemo as an influence as well.  I don’t know much about all-ages/kid-friendly webcomics, but this might be a good candidate…



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