Not the Daughters of the American Revolution, but DAR! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary.

Dar, Dyke with a Boyfriend

Copyright Erika Moen

To commemorate LGBT History Month (which I just remembered about), I thought I’d share Erika Moen‘s diary comic.  Though it ended in 2009, it did run for about 5 years so not a quick read, but an interesting one since it deals with her lesbian identity and her attraction (and eventual marriage) to a dude.  Here are some of her own recommendations, covering quirky sex stuff, queer identity politics, heartbreak, romance, employment, etcetera…

Check her website for more up-to-date information and, in another interesting case of a published webcomic, you can read  Bucko, a “comical murder-mystery” illustrated by Moen and written by Jeff Parker, in its entirety for free!


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