Baroque Representations of Native Americans History Month

Since 1990, November has been National Native American Heritage Month and if celebrating with Baroque operatic depictions of Native Americans is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

More clips and a link to the full opera after the cut…

I was asked by an even-minded commentator on my Columbus Day post to come up with some operas about Native Americans, a fun challenge!  Les Indes Galantes by Jean-Philipe Rameau is a strange example since it’s actually four acts each set in a different non-European setting: Peru and North America fulfill the Native American quotient, but Iran and Turkey are in there too…  That being said, the Persian section has some of my favorite music, so I don’t complain…

Somehow (probably illegally), the performance that the first video comes from is up in full on YouTube, so enjoy Native American Heritage Month in this totally inauthentic, eurocentric way.

5 thoughts on “Baroque Representations of Native Americans History Month

    • blah…christie conducting in first one i meant apparently? who is choreographer? omg the cultural (mis)appropriations and representations are just too much. is it ok if we are just recreating 18th century art 😛

      • yeah, Christie’s conducting his Baroque ensemble, Les Arts Florissants, and the designers are actually listed on Youtube; the choreographer is Blanca Li.
        I guess when they decided they were doing a Baroque opera about ‘savages’, they figured they’d just go all out! I guess you could try and make it more PC, but since you can’t change the text, why bother : P just go with the flow…

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