Saturday Morning Cartoon Nostalgia Post

So my little cousin wanted to watch cartoons on Netflix the other day and we jumped ahead one installment to see The Land Before Time 2.  Imagine my surprise when this weirdo song comes on and I realize I remember it…

Isn’t it totally weird?  Like, not following some really basic compositional rules?  Or maybe they’re just all flat…  The “reminding me, faraway dreams” part is especially trippy…

Anyway, then there’s the crucial character of “Maiasaur’s mother” with such memorable lines as “The children!” and… actually that’s kinda it.  I was like, “man, this lady has a really annoying, but totally prototypical conservative American mother voice”, and it sounded crazy familiar, so I just had to IMDB it and guess who?  

Babs Bunny wiki

Tress MacNeille, or as I knew her growing up, Babs Bunny!  MacNeille also voices Linda the Newsanchor on Futurama (in addition to a load of other characters over her career), so there’s the “prototypical conservative American mother” voice kicking in…  Here’s a sample of her considerable range on Tiny Toon Adventures:

Also, gotta love total valley girl Shirley McLoon; really spoke to me as an LA kid in the ’90s.

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