From Baroque to Contemporary in One Night (with some Kirby tossed in)

Jack Kirby Julius Caesar costumesImage by Jack Kirby

BBC Radio 3 has a new opera up today, and it’s from one of my favorite opera composers, G.F. Händel!!!  Giulio Cesare (aka Julius Caesar) will be up for a week here, and if you’re not familiar with Händel, it’s a good place to start as probably his single most famous opera.  However, strangely enough, it’s being sung in English since it’s a performance from the English National Opera where everything’s dubbed into English.

Also up tonight is a live-streaming discussion of and performance of excerpts from the January-2013 Minnesota Opera premiering Doubt, by Douglas J. Cuomo, as I mentioned here.

As for that amazing Kirby costume design; it was for a 1969 student production of that version of Julius Caesar by some Shakespeare fellow, and you can see the rest of his designs on the website of the wonderful, ever-aspiring Kirby Museum.  This will hopefully be the first of, if not many, at least a few Comics-Opera crossover posts : )


2 thoughts on “From Baroque to Contemporary in One Night (with some Kirby tossed in)

    • yeah, we need more superhero-themed opera productions! conversely, just think of all the great cartoonists or illustrators who could design neat productions! endless possibilities…

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