Obama Fanfic

Now that we have four more years of Obama to look forward to, you might want to read some exclusive behind-the-scenes comics by Steven Weissman

Barack Hussein ObamaCopyright Steven Weissman

His gag strip Barack Hussein Obama is being put out by Fantagraphics (buy it here), and it’s a strange little thing, so maybe read Comics Alliance‘s great interview with Weissman to try to wrap your head around it all…

Wondermark on Politics

In case you’re not over politics just yet, I recommend perusing the “politics” tag on David Malki!’s Victorian-appropriation-collage-webcomic Wondermark.

 Copyright David Malki!

Yep, Malki! makes his comics by splicing together Victorian engravings; pretty neat, huh?  Lots of great humor to be had from the contrast between the old-time imagery and the very modern concerns and dialogue.