Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival

… is an annual curated convention, series of programs, events, and exhibits curated by Desert Island Comics shop in Brooklyn, indie comics publisher Picturebox, and dreamy NYC comics connoisseur Bill Kartalopolous.  Tomorrow, Saturday Novemeber 10th is the convention and a marathon of panel discussions, with exhibitors selling their wares and panelists talking their talks just a few blocks from each other, at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church and the Knitting Factory respectively.  There are quite a few fascinating, and sure-to-be popular panels, so plan accordingly…

The folks over at Comics Beat have compiled a master list of comics that’ll be debuting tomorrow, with a dizzying diversity of independent comics, zines, and books (as well as collections of archival comics and illustration material from publishers like Fantagraphics and Rosebud Archives, for the more historically-minded among us!).

Well!  Who’s excited?


One thought on “BKLN CMX & GRPHX FEST

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