Scandal in Belgium and Bavaria

From the continent, two exciting new opera productions for your viewing pleasure.

Berg’s Lulu at La Monnaie

La Monnaie in Brussels has a well-received new production of Alban Berg‘s powerful, pioneering, second, final, and incomplete opera Lulu.  Based on the plays of Frank WedekindLulu is sort of a femme fatale, so much scandal to be had…  It’ll be up for a month, and the rest of La Monnaie’s streaming schedule for the season is up here.

And in the other corner, the plucky young contender, Bavarian State Opera‘s world premiere performance of the young German composer Jörg Widmann‘s Babylon.  Who knows when your next chance to hear this opera about everything will be since it’s only up until Sunday, so if you’re feeling adventurous you might want to start here…

Widmann’s Babylon at Bavarian State Opera


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