Creole Church Chorus

Misa Criolla, Phillips record cover

Religious music and opera have an interesting relationship…  Lots of church music – oratorios, parables, etc – tells a story, so that’s enough of a link for me.  In fact, though works based on religious themes were banned from the stage in 18th century London, that didn’t stop composers like Händel from writing religious works that shared a whole lot in common with their secular work…

Masses and passions are less plotty I think, but it’s still vocal music with a communicative purpose, right?  Glimmerglass Opera will be presenting a double-bill of Passions next year, so that’s an interesting precedent…  ANYWAY, this is all a long-winded excuse for posting a wider range of religious music here on Bizarro Twins.  So here is Misa Criolla by the Argentine composer Ariel Ramírez, ’nuff said!  


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