The Vyvyan Archives

It’s going to be a library science kind of day today.  In my first post I featured the English soprano Jennyfer Vyvyan, who was a big player both in the Händel revival and in Britten‘s career.  The website made to share her legacy is pretty thorough, but maybe even more interesting (at least to someone studying this line of work…) is the BBC Radio 4 feature on the music critic Michael White‘s work processing her archives, available here for a year (ACT FAST!!!)

Since last time I featured her Baroque repertoire, I figured I’d show her Britten work this time!  This is from a 1959 TV adaptation of The Turn of the Screw (a more recent TV adaptation of which I featured for Halloween!  what can I say, probably my favorite Britten opera).  This was the first Britten work to make it to the screen, and the footage was apparently almost lost.  Thank goodness for archivists and librarians!


2 thoughts on “The Vyvyan Archives

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