Valhalla, Home of Med Students

If all goes according to plan, tonight I will dine in Valhalla…

Marvel's Journey Into Mystery #83, 1962Image by Jack Kirby, Copyright Marvel

Nope, not that one; Valhalla in Westchester County, New York!  I was expecting lots of Norse-themed kitsch, Wagner soundtracks, Thor as town mascot… but according to my friend, it is none of that… so now I’m just expecting to be disappointed  : (

I’d feel bad if I didn’t leave something more exciting for you, so here’s a 1944, public domain Quality Comics Police Comics story, for some reason called “Manhunter and Thor“.  Totally unrelated to the Norse Thor, just like Valhalla, NY    : (  Welcome to my disappointing life.

Police Comics - Manhunter and Thor, 1944

That being said, Four-Color Shadows is a nifty blog featuring full, old-school comics, so that’ll be going up on my Free Comics resource page!


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