Transfolk Represent

Questionable ContentCopyright Jeph Jacques

So this seemed noteworthy…  Today’s Questionable Content outs a new-ish character as a trans woman.  QC is a super-popular webcomic, and was even one of my entry points to webcomics, so it’s neat that such a wide audience will be seeing this, though since this character hasn’t been so major so far, it might not be such a huge deal.

Khaos Komix, Charlie's StoryCopyright Tab Kimpton

Another great place for stories about trans characters is Khaos Komix by Tab Kimpton.  Khaos Komix is a big long intertwining set of stories told from the perspective of both member of 4 different couples, representing the gamut of LGBT characters; Tom’s Story and Charlie’s Story address the trans characters’ experiences, not to mention their respective partners.  Start from the beginning for all the juicy backstory though!

Shucks, just a few weeks too late for LGBT History Month!

Start your Week with Wasted Talent

Mondays can be awful, but one bright side is that it’s when Angela Melick updates her adorable weekly hand-colored diary comic, Wasted Talent!  Angela works as an engineer and still finds time to make these lovely comics.  Expect cutesy observations about work, life with the hubby, friends, mountain biking, Vancouver, etc.  Today she gets back from a two-week hiatus while she went off to Peru, so it’s a good time to check her out!

Wasted TalentCopyright Angela Melick

In some blog news, I’m finally including the names of creators involved in all my Comics posts.  However, I seem to repeat cartoonists less often than composers, so none appear in that tag cloud to the right just yet.

That being said, I also added a new tag to highlight women making comics and (less often) opera, and that’s looking quite notable in the tag cloud!  I was inspired by some recent controversy over sexism in the nerd world, especially since there are so many female cartoonists that I love and feature here.  I’m hopeful that this kind of sexism isn’t as strong among indie and webcomics, but it’s still nice to have them all in one place, I guess…  It’ll come in handy come Women’s History Month    : P