Transfolk Represent

Questionable ContentCopyright Jeph Jacques

So this seemed noteworthy…  Today’s Questionable Content outs a new-ish character as a trans woman.  QC is a super-popular webcomic, and was even one of my entry points to webcomics, so it’s neat that such a wide audience will be seeing this, though since this character hasn’t been so major so far, it might not be such a huge deal.

Khaos Komix, Charlie's StoryCopyright Tab Kimpton

Another great place for stories about trans characters is Khaos Komix by Tab Kimpton.  Khaos Komix is a big long intertwining set of stories told from the perspective of both member of 4 different couples, representing the gamut of LGBT characters; Tom’s Story and Charlie’s Story address the trans characters’ experiences, not to mention their respective partners.  Start from the beginning for all the juicy backstory though!

Shucks, just a few weeks too late for LGBT History Month!


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