A Letter Lasts Longer

ALLL Meghan LandsCopyright Meghan Lands

ALLL Jess Ruliffson

Today’s subject is “variations on a theme”, and Brooklyn’s own Dean Haspiel kicks us off with a cartooning exercise he conducted as master cartoonist at a three-week comics residency in Florida last month.

Haspiel wrote a text, without any visual descriptions, then had class members interpret it any way they saw fit, with all the interpretations collected here.

(At Left: Copyright Jess Ruliffson)

I actually monitored a single-session class Haspiel taught on “comics storytelling” at the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art, and I think people there were being especially creative with their layouts.


Copyright George Jurard

EDIT:  Turns out Dean Haspiel will be teaching his Comics Storytelling Intensive Workshop once again, this time at the Society of Illustrators which is now managing the MoCCA collections.  It’s on Wednesday, December 5th, so not too late to sign up!


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