Black Friday, Free Aida

Hippodrome Opera Co. Aida poster FULL SIZE(Link to GIANT version of poster)

Live Stream time from the Met Opera again; yet another Verdi, this time Aida, the tale of an Ethiopian princess held captive in Egypt, and all the love triangles that invariably blossom in such situations…  Tune in here, tonight at 7:25 for the full Egyptian experience…

Cairo's Khedivial Opera House

The above is the Khedivial Opera House in Cairo, where Aida had its premiere in 1871; not many operas can boast such an exotic (and appropriate) setting for their first performance!  However, the Opera House burned down 100 years later, in 1971, so not the most auspicious anniversary…  Hopefully Verdi‘s bicentennial will be better!

Mroszczak Aida poster 1958Image by Józef Mroszczak

And for a more modern visual take, here’s a 1958 poster by celebrated Polish graphic designer Józef Mroszczak (online gallery with some examples of his work).


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