Chuck Jones Centennial

Add a cartoony centennial to this year’s already full slate of opera anniversaries.

Chuck Jones, creator of some of the most popular Looney Tunes characters and award-winning director of diverse animated movies like The Phantom Tollbooth and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, was born in 1912 in Spokane, Washington.  To celebrate, the BAM Cinémathek in Brooklyn is hosting two screenings of his Looney Tunes shorts tonight and tomorrow at 6:50 pm, as part of their larger Chuck Amuck film series.

Three of Jones‘ 1950s Looney Tunes cartoons are included in the National Film Registry, and American film guru Roger Ebert wrote a lovely appraisal of the art form and the man here.  And credit where it’s due, Michael Maltese wrote all three of the National Film Registry cartoons, so looks like it was a good working relationship…

To branch out from his ubiquitous Looney Tunes work, here’s his 1965 Oscar-winning short for Metro-Goldwyn-MayerThe Dot and the Line.

Pretty freaky stuff for the Looney Tunes guy…  Tell me that the Dot and the Squiggle weren’t having some crazy kinky sex on-screen…


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