Left2Right / Right2Left

I recently got linked to Israeli cartoonist and illustrator Asaf Hanuka‘s blog because of this succinct demonstration of the Israel-Hamas conflict, out of Tel Aviv I believe.

Asaf Hanuka, Realist Comics, 90 SecondsCopyright Asaf Hanuka

Going back in his archives though, I found another comic that eerily foreshadowed the current situation, and interesting and well-done as it was, the big thing I noticed was how he handled the English-Hebrew translation:

Asaf Hanuka, The Realist, The Existential Threat and UsCopyright Asaf Hanuka

Which one did he draw first?  I guess he just reflected it in Photoshop or something later, right?  Does he have to consider the fact that it’ll be read in both directions when planning and drawing somehow?  The linguistics major in me is intrigued

T. Hanuka, New Yorker illustrationCopyright Tomer Hanuka

I feel like any mention of Asaf should go hand-in-hand with his brother, Tomer Hanuka; they’re both great cartoonists and illustrators, and Tomer‘s illustration process blog is a fascinating resource for wannabe illustrators.


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