Leftover Pilgrims

This is the BBC Radio 3 streaming opera that I’ve been most excited about all season as I figure English National Opera is at its best when performing English Opera.

The Pilgrim’s Progress by Ralph Vaughan Williams, premiered in 1951 at the Royal Opera House and infrequently performed since then, is based on a 1678 “Christian allegory” of the same name by John Bunyan.  Perhaps because of this it’s more meditative than plot-driven, leading Williams himself to refer to it as “more of a ceremony than a drama”, though he insisted it belonged in the theater.  Seems like it could be tough going for an evening-length night at the opera, but it’s been getting generally positive reviews so far, with universal praise for the music and performances, which is what counts for us!

ENO The Pilgrim's ProgressCopyright Mike Hoban

The Pilgrim’s Progress will be available here today starting at 1:15pm, East Coast time, then up for a week, until next Sunday.


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