Tamaki in Reverse

Jillian Tamaki Half-LifeAll Images Copyright Jillian Tamaki

Jillian Tamaki recently put up a four-page comic originally done for Nobrow Magazine, and you can read a few other short comics on her portfolio.  I especially enjoyed Domestic Men of Mystery, musing on the distance of her friends’ fathers.

She also has a periodic webcomic, SuperMutant Magic Academy, about teens with attitudes enrolled in a Hogwarts-like school for gifted students.

SMMA sample

However, my first exposure to Jillian was Skim, written by her sister, Mariko Tamaki.  Here’s the New York Times review from 2008.  It’s much darker, though with it’s share of humor, dealing as it does with high school, suicide, body image, sexuality, student-teacher romance…  All lovingly, lushly illustrated by Jillian Tamaki though.

Skim book cover, by Mariko & Jillian Tamaki

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