Silhouette Nativity

Tonight I’m gonna get together with some friends and watch some Christmas cartoons, I don’t care if I have a paper due Tuesday.  The cartoon I’m most excited about is Lotte Reiniger‘s The Star of Bethlehem, ie. the Nativity story.


I definitely remember seeing a Reiniger animation as a kid in LA, and I rediscovered her in college as an art major.  Her silhouette animations are just such lovely, delicate things, and you can find playlists of her work on YouTube.  Reiniger‘s a fascinating person too, from a fascinating time in history and social milieu, so check her out…  

Here’s one of the fairy tale stencils I was doing as an art major, when I was watching Reiniger toons non-stop.  This one’s Little Briar Rose, aka Sleeping Beauty.

my sleeping beauty stencil( Links to my DeviantArt )


4 thoughts on “Silhouette Nativity

    • yeah i’m a big fan, but there aren’t many others like her out there, huh? that’s kind of surprising considering how old-school shadow puppetry and cut-paper art traditions are… guess she was the first to see the potential!

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