American Elf go Boum

In autobio webcomic news, James Kochalka is apparently going to quit his 14-year running daily diary comic American Elf?  The end of an era friends…

American Elf 12-7-2012Copyright James Kochalka

… And French-Canadian cartoonist Boum (aka Samantha Leriche-Gionet) is pregnant! She occasionally documents that experience on her diary webcomic Boumeries  (when she’s not busy dreaming about toilets).  There’s a pregnancy tag, so you can catch up on the process so far.

Boumeries 11-23-2012Copyright Boum

Boum also just put out an unrelated dystopian comic, La Petite Révolution, put out by Front Froid, purveyors of fine Québécois bandes dessinées; English translation forthcoming, but a good gift idea for your favorite French-speaker in the meantime?  You can buy it here.  Here’s a video trailer:

Neat, no?  Like a cartoonier Paul Pope somehow…


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