Studio YOLO Strikes Back

Meghan Lands Studio Yolo "A Professional"Copyright Meghan Lands

Remember when I talked about Dean Haspiel‘s 3-week comics residency in Florida and the group exercise of everyone making a comic based on the same text?  No?  Well, here’s the original blog post, so catch up!

George Jurard for Studio YOLO Copyright George Jurard

Turns out all the artists involved in that original workshop liked the original exercise enough to keep it going online in the form of Studio YOLO (You Only Live Once, natch).  Each month a different member of the collective (George Jurard this time) posts a short text for other members to adapt.  They’ve done one new comic so far, and the good news is that we can join in on the fun too!  Simple instructions on submitting your own versions are here, and next month’s text is up already, so get crackin’!

Unknown Artist? Studio YOLO "A Professional"I don’t know who did this one, but it’s great too!


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