Bernstein Centennial forthcoming

I’ve repeatedly mentioned how this year has been a big one for operatic anniversaries;  bicentennials of Verdi and Wagner and a centennial for Britten (born on St. Cecelia‘s Day, appropriately enough!).  Well, some people are gearing up for another centennial five years in advance…


Leonard Bernstein was born in 1918, and the Leonard Bernstein Office in New York is now fielding submissions for a logo for his centennial.  Information on competition guidelines are here, and the last day to submit is January 31st, 2013.  Any creative followers out there get cracking!  And definitely share your submissions with us!

(PS: If you came through Facebook, the photo of Bernstein appearing in that status update is by Jack Mitchell; credit where it’s due!)


Talent Put to Good Use!

Wasted Talent job searchCopyright Angela Melick

Ironically, when I first blogged about Angela Melick‘s adorably chipper autobio webcomic Wasted Talent, that day’s update informed us she’d just lost her job…  But luckily, her latest “informational update” shows the successful fruits of the job search, so all is well again!

I’m trying to apply to jobs and internships for next semester en masse right about now, so I can relate to the frustration of the job search…  Another inspiring thing about Melick to me is that she has these really intense-sounding engineering jobs, but still makes time for her comics.  Gives me hope that I can juggle some sorta librarian position with art someday myself…