QRSiegfried TempestUV on BBC

I lost track of BBC Radio 3‘s online streaming operas during the holidays, but I checked it out today and was surprised by how many options there were!  It’s a bit misleading though, since certain gargantuan operas need to be split up into several installments…  That being said, you can listen to Siegfried, the third installment in Wagner‘s Ring Cycle, from London’s Royal Opera House, as well as Thomas Adès‘ The Tempest from the Met Opera in New York.

Arthur Rackham Ring illustration #38

Image by Arthur Rackham

(Ah, nice to see Rackham here again, no?  Click on the image above to see his full portfolio of Ring Cycle illustrations.)

Also, check in on Saturday for a new installment, with yet another gargantuan opera: Berlioz‘s 5-act epic, Les Troyens (more on this later).  It’s actually a live broadcast, so tune in at 12 noon East Coast time for the full effect…


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