6 Gay Cartoons in Search of an Author

C. Edwards' LGBT webcomic character fanart

C. Edwards‘ LGBT webcomic character fanart

Crossover webcomic fanart doesn’t come around too often, so C. Edwardsanalysis of six LGBT characters from some prominent webcomics is a fun find.

From left to right we have David Willis’ Shortpacked, Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne’s Oglaf, Scott Kurtz’s PVP, Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots, Gisele Lagacé and Dave Zero’s Ménage à 3, and Gordon McAlpin’s Multiplex.  (I just featured Multiplex, and sexy duo Oglaf and Ménage à 3 were discussed earlier too.)

I think Edwards‘ evaluation of the characters is interesting, though maybe a bit unfair since they range from main to peripheral characters in comics of varying seriality/seriousness, but it’s neat to see his angular art applied to other characters.

His own comics, both gay- & humor-themed,  are fun and have the same peppy style.  Abel Boddy follows a sorta schlubby gay guy (though still way more fabulous than me) and his horndog guardian angel.  12 Inch Roommate, as you might guess, is way pornier, with a pair of roommates constantly tormented by their giant jock horndog of a roommate (definitely NSFW).

Guess I’m going to have an “erotica” tag now…


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