Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Sooo…  Young Justice was great, right?

If you want to class it up a bit after your Saturday morning cartoons, today BBC Radio 3 will be live-streaming a performance of Berlioz‘s epic opera, Les Troyens; just be here at noon (East coast time).  This is actually the Met Opera performance that is being transmitted live into cinemas, so a good deal to listen for free through BBC, and you really get your money’s worth since it’s almost 5 hours of music…  Production info from the Met.

Les Troyens a Carthage program cover

Interestingly, the opera was actually split up into two parts during Berlioz’s lifetime; the first covered the fall of Troy, the second the doomed romance of Dido and Aeneas (“Les Troyens a Carthage” as advertised above), but the first part was never performed during Berlioz‘s lifetime…


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