Bizarro Twins take on Library School

So as you may know, I’m currently enrolled in a library science master’s program; in fact, this blog started off as an assignment for one of those classes!  Another assignment I had last semester was to create a “visual taxonomy”, ie a visual representation of the relations between different items (or something…).

Anyway, to demonstrate the extent of my obsession with my beloved Bizarro Twins, here are my Comics and Opera visual taxonomies:

DC Comics characters by team affiliations:

My DC Comics character Visual Taxonomy for Library School

Opera composers by Century & Language / School of Opera:

VisualTaxonomy Opera

Yeah, that’s right, I got an A.  Booyah!  (click to enlarge; hope you can understand my handwriting!)

This is all my way of saying that my next semester is starting up today, so I will probably be a little less punctual and prolific on here.  Will still try to post a few times each week though, so do stay tuned.  Wish me luck!

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