Marvel Now over Young Avengers

Marvel‘s Young Avengers relaunch by the UK dream team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (with art assist from Mike Norton) hits your local comic book shop today, and as you may know I am pretty excited for it…  As someone interested in writers’ and artists’ processes, I’ve been enjoying Gillen‘s blog posts presenting his thoughts on each of the main characters (with carefully selected, character-specific songs to boot), all collected here.

In Young Avengers, we have explicitly stated we’re doing little to pastiche the decades of history before us. You won’t see us doing a parody of the cover of the first issue of the Fantastic Four, for example. But the flip of that is trying to do something that speaks to the core values that resonate throughout the structure, imagine how a Marvel Universe may feel if it was created wholesale on January 23rd 2013.

Sounds pretty grrreat…  Newsarama has an advance review: 10 outta 10, my friends.  Be pumped.  Be very pumped.

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