Dixon Place Tonight

There’s some free experimental musical theater going on tonight at NYC’s hothouse for experimental theater, Dixon Place.  Songwriter Justin Vahala, who has performed songs there before, will be putting on a 30-minute two-person show along with Paul Leopold, What Leaves the Wind has Laid, described as:

The story of two men whose paths cross in an enchanted bathhouse hovering in the liminal space where past, present, guilt, and bacchanalian abandon converge. This conceptual concert explores themes of redemption, hedonism, and the gaps in memory as it seeks to create a different future in a suspended world.

After the 30-minute piece, Justin Vahala will perform new songs too.  A good opportunity to test out the experimental theater waters!

Victoria Roberts at Dixon Place.

Victoria Roberts at Dixon Place. Photo by Barry Hoggard

If you need another Bizarro Twin reason to go, cartoonist Victoria Roberts, who appears frequently in the New Yorker, has a dual life as a performance artist and has performed two pieces at Dixon Place, and you can see some of her character designs for her piece Les Quattre Filles du Docteur March in the hallway leading to the box office!


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