Meconis v PVP

So I’ve posted about webcomic fanart before, but since Scott Kurtz of PVP and Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots have both been running guest comics lately, it seemed like a good time to talk about it s’more.  In particular, I was impressed with Dylan Meconis‘ seamless take-over of PVP for a multi-part story starting here.  Dylan Meconis' PVP guest comic

Characters by Scott Kurtz, Art by Dylan Meconis

Goodness, she totally had me thinking that was our regularly scheduled Kurtz art…  Here’s Meconis’ post about the opportunity which is really sweet.  And she’s right about attracting new readers this way, cuz even though I’ve heard nothing but good things about her before, I did not know about her Eisner-nominated short webcomic Outfoxed, which starts cute and folksy before suddenly taking a dark turn…  Maybe now is the time to finally start on her werewolf webcomic epic, Family Man?


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