Perfect Americans, Unite

Philip Glass has a new opera premiering at Madrid’s Teatro Real now about the life of Walt Disney, though not really a kid-friendly opera if that’s what you were looking for…  It’s actually based on Peter Stephan Jungk‘s critical novelization of Disney, The Perfect American, which lent it’s name to the opera too.  It’s been pretty well reviewed, and this Wednesday, if all goes according to plan, we have a chance to hear it live from Madrid for ourselves.


Teatro Real has a “digital balcony” where operas are live streamed, but at the moment, the site seems to be down (replaced with a generic empty page instead).  So the best I can say is check in on the Teatro Real site on Wednesday before 2pm (New York time; the show is on at 8pm Madrid time) and see if the problem’s been fixed; scroll down to the central button that says “Palco Digital”.

Let’s hope it works!


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