Snow Maiden Go Away

Nicholas Roerich's Snow Maiden

Images by Nicholas Roerich

The Russians know a thing or two about snow, so in honor of our new winter wonderland, here are some selections from Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov‘s 1881 opera The Snow Maiden.

Here is Estonian soprano Margarita Voites singing an aria on TV in 1977.  Going  further back, here’s Alma Gluck, a Romanian-born American soprano who was one of the world’s most famous singers at her peak around 1910.

The painting up top is by Russian artist Nicholas Roerich, who designed sets and costumes for a production of The Snow Maiden (click here for other designs from that production).  He was a real renaissance man, traveling the world, advocating for preservation of art during wartime, and a frequent Nobel Peace Prize nominee.  If you’re in New York, he has a small, free museum on the Upper West Side, on 107th Street just off Riverside Drive.  Well worth a visit.

Roerich scene design for Snow Maiden


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