Gay Wedding Bells are Ringing Too

So I’ve discussed the lesbian wedding going on in the pages of Danielle Corsetto’s Girls with Slingshots.  That’s slowly but surely coming along,with the occasional tangent (like now, though I’m not complaining as long as romance is involved!).

Questionable Content #1520 by Jeph Jacques

Copyright Jeph Jacques

For more immediate LGBT-marriage related satisfaction though, the fruits of some  gay wedding seeds planted on Jeph Jacques’ immensely popular Questionable Content way back in 2009 are finally sprouting!  (Click here for the really brief proposal storyline.)

Quick context: Henry, the gray-haired groom is the main character, Marten’s, father; he divorced Marten’s mother because, you know, gay, and went on to operate a nightclub in Miami.  Now he’s marrying Maurice (who in his first appearance was an environmental engineer but is now a golf instructor?  downgrade…).

3 years on, IT’S FINALLY WEDDING TIME.  Bring it.


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