All Romances, All the Time

It’s Valentine’s Day, and to celebrate here is just one of the many terribly wonderful public domain romance comics available for free reading and downloading over at the indispensable Digital Comic Museum.

Ace Comics All Romances #1

The DCM knows what’s up, they even have a romance comic filled banner for the occasion.  This particular example of the genre, featuring such stories as “Tarnished Engagement”, “My Soul Wasn’t My Own”, and “Sister without Scruples” is from the short-lived Ace Comics.  Of course, DCM has tons more where that came from…

I just wish mainstream comics publishers nowadays would put out more of these done-in-one romance stories.  Is there really not a market for this?  I mean, half of these stories are cautionary tales about impressionable young schoolgirls falling in with creepily aggressive older men, so should be an easy sell to the 50 Shades people.  C’mon people, untapped market right here.


2 thoughts on “All Romances, All the Time

  1. lovely, but was expecting a post on the most romantic operatic aria ever… maybe the Liebestod? or maybe Amami Alfredo from that most romantic of operas “La Traviata”?

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