Turn of the Screw in Brooklyn


I’ll be seeing this on Thursday…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXZTQ4800_o&w=350h=300]

Glad to be going back to the now itinerant New York City Opera after missing them last season.  Ever since this season was announced, I’ve been pumped for The Turn of the Screw by Benjamin Britten and I’m glad to see some positive press from the NY Times and fellow bloggers at Parterre (which has some especially good background on the opera, the inspiring story by Henry James, and the cultural contexts each were created in).

I’ve actually featured this opera a few times before, once for Halloween (it is a ghost story after all), and in a post on the British soprano Jennifer Vyvyan who was the original Governess, who you can actually see in some of the historic images featured in the above video!  The Halloween post featured a link to a full playlist of the opera on YouTube, apparently a 1980s made-for-TV version.  Good prep for seeing it in person…


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