So I saw The Turn of the Screw at New York City Opera and it was sooo great!  Everything I’d hoped for and more.  The updating to the 1980s worked great, the set was neat (even if it could’ve stood to change a bit more for certain scenes), there were some wonderfully creepy ghost-related stage pictures, and most importantly of all: the music, story, and performances were just spectac’.

But when soprano Lauren Worsham (below) who, despite being 30 was great as the skittish child Flora, came out for her bow in an oversized purple ’80s sweater, what cartoon character did she remind me of?

Soprano Lauren Worsham in NYCO's Turn of the Screw

Photo credit Richard Termine (who has an opera section in his portfolio!)


That’s right, Mabel Pines of Alex Hirsch‘s Gravity Falls!  Anyone else see the resemblance?  Are y’all watching this?  I’ve fallen behind cuz of school, but it’s great fun, so I recommend it!  Mabel is sort of the break-out star; you can find plenty of YouTube clips devoted to her greatness.

And to show off Worsham‘s talents besides vaguely reminding me of a cartoon character, here she is singing “Glitter and be Gay” from Bernstein‘s operetta Candide a few years back:


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