Comics at Columbia Library

Bill Finger script for 1945's Batman #31

Bill Finger script for 1945’s Batman #31

The Columbia University Library‘s Rare Books and Manuscript division has recently added some notable comics materials to their collections, including original 1940’s Batman scripts from the estate of Jerry Robinson and research materials used by Larry Tye for his “biography” of Superman.  These acquisitions will be discussed at a free event this Thursday, March 7th, at 6pm in Room 523 of Butler Hall at Columbia.

Elfquest archives at Columbia U, Wendy & Richard Pini

Elfquest archives at Columbia U, Copyright Wendy & Richard Pini

Another, even recenter acquisition is the archives of Wendy and Richard Pini, creators of the self-published cult hit Elfquest, stretching back to 1978 when it was first published.

As I understand it, all this attention to comics at the Columbia Libraries is largely the brain child of Karen Green, who works as both the Ancient & Medieval History librarian as well as a comics selector.  In addition to these acquisitions, Columbia also has the archives of Chris Claremont, and has classes taught by Paul Levitz, former president of DC Comics.

When I volunteered at MoCCA, Green was a frequent guest at their events….  Celebrity sighting!

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