Suburban Gothic

So I’m in a library science master’s program and I suddenly started receiving a deluge of emails from the American Library Association.  The best for our purposes though are two articles about comics, written by Ian Chipman who’s apparently a big advocate for comics in libraries.  Yay for him!

Here are his Top 10 Comics from 2012 with some expected entries and some I had not heard of.  Best of all though, is his recommendation for free online comics!

This is the second place I’d heard about Ryan Andrews‘ work recently.  He has some lovely, eerie, black and white comics with some dark undertones that usually give way to more pleasantly magical, fable-like mysteries instead.

This was our Pact is his most recent story, and it’s really beautiful and lovely.  His earlier Sarah and the Seed was Eisner-nominated for best digital comic.  Some of his short stories have been collected into a Kickstarter-funded book and you can do your part to support him by buying a pay-what-you-wish high resolution PDF of any of his online comics.  A nice e-present for any slightly morbid kids in your life, maybe?


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