ROH 2013/2020 Season

It’s that time of year when opera companies announce their plans for next season, and the Royal Opera House in London has just joined in on the fun with their 2013/2014 season announcement:


That’s nice and all, but a certain earlier, longer-term announcement from the ROH is even more interesting to me…

New opera seems to be having a moment, with opera companies of all kinds doing more modern works and even commissioning new pieces themselves (not just limited to the big houses either).  Probably the biggest news on this front is ROH‘s plan for new works from 2013 to 2020.  It’s a fun peek into the (pretty far off) future, with lots of exciting names in the opera world represented.  Next season’s announcement includes some intriguing modern and new works in the Linbury Studio and this past season wasn’t too shabby either, with the UK stop on Benjamin‘s Written on Skin European tour and a revival of Birtwistle‘s The Mintoaur, which ROH premiered in 2008 (reviews from London opera blog Intermezzo), so looks like we can look forward to some more recent programming for at least 7 years to come…

Should be interesting…


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